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The Parameters Collection is a collection of the Parameter objects associated with a specific Command object. Each Parameter object provides detailed information about a single parameter used in a stored procedure or a parameterized query.

Only the Command object has a Parameters Collection.
Note that not all providers support stored procedures or parameterized queries, nor do all providers return parameters to the Parameters Collection. For such providers, the Parameters Collection will be left empty and the collection will have to be manually populated.
If the provider will allow, you can populate the Parameters Collection by using the Refresh method. In fact, if you try to access this collection while it is empty or before you have called Refresh for the first time, ADO will automatically call Refresh to populate the collection. It is more efficient to provide the parameters, rather than having to call and obtain this information from the provider. (Anything you can do to reduce calls to the provider will improve performance.) You can add Parameter objects using the Append property.
The collection starts numbering (indexing) with the number zero.
The Parameters Collection has two properties and three methods.



The Count property returns a long value that is the number of items in the collection. The counting starts at zero. You can use this value to loop through the collection by iterating from zero to the value of Count minus one.


The Item property is used to return a specific member of the Parameters Collection. The Index parameter is the position (ordinal) number.



Syntax: Parameters.Append Object

The Append method is used to add (append) a Parameter object to the Parameters Collection.


Syntax: Parameters.Delete Index

The Delete method deletes a Parameter object from the Parameters Collection.


The Refresh method updates the Parameter objects in the Parameters Collection with the latest information from the provider.

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