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ConnectModeEnum = connectionobject.Mode
connectionobject.Mode = ConnectModeEnum

Sets or returns the provider access permission (the ConnectModeEnum value) for a Connection object.

The Mode property dictates the provider access permissions for an open connection. It must be set before the connection is opened. This property sets or returns the ConnectModeEnum value. The default is adModeUnknown or zero.
ConnectModeEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adModeUnknown 0 Permissions cannot be set or determined
adModeRead 1 Read-only
adModeWrite 2 Write-only
adModeReadWrite 3 Read and write permissions
adModeShareDenyRead 4 Prevents other connections from having read permissions
adModeShareDenyWrite 8 Prevents other connections from having write permissions
adModeShareExclusive 12 Prevents opening other connections
adModeShareDenyNone 16 Permits opening other connections with read/write permissions
adModeRecursive 0x400000 Used in conjunction with the *ShareDeny* constants to set permissions on sub-records


Set objConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConnection.Mode = adModeRead
objRecordset.IsolationLevel = adXactIsolated
objConnection.Open strConnect

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