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The RDS DataFactory object is on the server-side of the proxy process. It is the default automation object that provides read/write access to data in a data source in response to requests from the client-side.

Custom COM components are available that perform duties similar to those of the DataFactory object.

On the client-side, the RDS DataSpace object is used to marshal (transfer) data to and from the server-side.



Syntax: string = datafactoryobject.ConvertToString (Recordset)

Converts a Recordset object into a MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension) string.


Syntax: Set recordsetobject = datafactoryobject.CreateRecordset(ColumnInfos)

Creates and returns an empty (unpopulated) and disconnected Recordset object.


Syntax: Set recordsetobject = datafactoryobject.Query(ConnectionString, QueryString)

Executes a valid SQL query and returns a Recordset object.


Syntax: datafactoryobject.SubmitChanges ConnectionString, Recordset

Sends all of the pending changes in the locally cached Recordset object down to the underlying data source.