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The RDS DataSpace object creates a client-side interface-specific object (called a proxy) that is used to communicate with the server, and performs the task of transferring data between the client and the server.

This task of transferring data, called marshaling, is the packaging, sending, and unpacking of interface method parameters between the client and the server. The RDS DataFactory object is on the server side of this proxy process.



Syntax: long = dataspaceobject.InternetTimeout
dataspaceobject.InternetTimeout = long

Sets or returns a long value that is the number of milliseconds to wait before a request is timed out because there is no activity.



Syntax: variant = dataspaceobject.CreateObject (ProgID, Connection)

Creates and returns a pointer to the proxy (a client-side interface-specific object) that is used to marshal (transfer) data between the client and server.