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Moves the position of the current record pointer to the first record.

The MoveFirst method is called to move to the first record in the specified Recordset object.

If the current record has been modified and an Update has not been performed, then when you call MoveFirst, there will also be an implicit call to Update for the current record. If you do not wish to keep the changes to the current record, then you should call CancelUpdate before you call MoveFirst.

If the Recordset is using a forward only cursor, it is possible that the provider will re-execute the command that originally created the Recordset which will automatically place the current record pointer to the first record. Potentially, this could be a very time-consuming process.

This is one of four methods belonging to the Recordset object that allow you to navigate or move through a data record. The other three are MoveLast, MoveNext, and MovePrevious.


varBookMark = rsChantList.Bookmark
rsChantList.Find "ChantName = 'Oma' "
If (objRecordset.EOF = True) Then
   MsgBox "Record not found"
   rsChantList.Bookmark = varBookMark
End If
Sub MoveFirst_OnClick
End Sub

Sub MoveLast_OnClick
End Sub

Sub MoveNext_OnClick
   If objRecordset.EOF = False Then
   End If
End Sub

Sub MovePrevious_OnClick
   If objRecordset.BOF = False Then
   End If
End Sub

RDS allows the Recordset object to be bound to an HTML tag so that the data can be displayed on a web page. You can use four buttons on a Web page to navigate through a displayed recordset. When a button is clicked, a subroutine containing one of the four move methods is called.

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