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recordsetobject.Requery  Options
The optional Options parameter is one of the ExecuteOptionEnum constants that specify how the provider is to execute a command (the re-query).

Used to update (refresh) the data in a Recordset object.This is essentially equivalent to a Close followed by an Open.

The Requery method is called to update all of the records in an open Recordset by re-executing the query to the database that originally created the Recordset.

If you need to change any of the property settings, you will have to call Close on the Recordset and then make the desired changes. This is because the properties are read-only when the Recordset is open and are read/write when the Recordset is closed.

If you are in the process of adding a new record or editing the current record, an error will be generated if you call this method.

If your database can be accessed by other users, it is quite possible that the new Recordset generated by the Requery will differ, perhaps significantly, from the previous Recordset.

There is one optional parameter.
ExecuteOptionEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adAsyncExecute 0x10 Execute asynchronously
adAsyncFetch 0x20 Rows beyond the initial quantity specified should be fetched asynchronously
adAsyncFetchNonBlocking 0x40 Records are fetched asynchronously with no blocking of additional operations
adExecuteNoRecords 0x80 Does not return rows and must be combined with adCmdText or adCmdStoredProc
adOptionUnspecified -1 The CommandText parameter is unspecified

Code (VBScript):

If Requery does not work properly, use Open and Close methods, one after the other. This is basiclly what the Requery method does.



If Requery does not work properly, use Close and Open methods, one after the other. This is basiclly what the Requery method does.

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