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The Name argument is the name of the cookie.
The Value argument specifies the value to assign to the key or attribute.
The optional Attribute argument can one of the five following parameters:
Domain is write-only and allows pages on a domain made up of more than one server to share cookie information.

Expires is write-only and is the date on which the cookie expires. Unless a date is specified, the cookie will expire when the session ends. If a date is specified, the cookie will be stored on the client's disk after the session ends.

HasKeys is read-only and uses Boolean values to specify whether the cookie contains keys.

Path is write-only and if set, the cookie is sent by this path. If this argument is not set, the default is the application path.

Secure is write-only and indicates if the cookie is secure.
The optional Key argument specifies the Key to which the Value is assigned.

The Cookies collection property allows you to add a cookie to a browser and add values to the cookie.

The Cookies collection property assignes a new value to a cookie, if it exists; otherwise, the cookie is created and the value is assigned.

There are two mandatory arguments and two optional arguments.


Response.Cookies("myProduct")("Main") = "DevSite"
Response.Cookies("myProduct")("Prd1") = "ASP"
Response.Cookies("myProduct")("Prd2") = "VBScript"
Response.Write Request.Cookies("myProduct")