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Version: 2.0, 3.2, 4.0

Compability: Explorer 4, 5  Netscape 4, 6


The <hr> tag is used to render a horizontal rule (line). This is a very useful and commonly used tag.

The flow of the text and images is halted on the current line, the rule is rendered on the next line, and then the flow of text and images resumes on the following line. The exact amount of vertical space between the rule and any elements above and below it is browser dependent.
The four attributes allow you to adjust the height, position, shading, and width of the rule. Note that these four attributes are deprecated effective with version 4.0. However, all browsers continue to recognize these attributes. You are now to use style sheets to effect the appearance of the rule.
There is no closing tag.


<hr size="5">
<hr size="10">
<hr size="50" width="50%" align="center" noshade>
<hr size="100" width="100" align="left">
<hr style="color:red; height:15px; width:350px;">

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