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SQL statements are used to access and manipulate data in a database.

SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML)
SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to execute queries. SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) includes statements to retrieve, update, insert and delete records.

Important SQL DML Statements:

SELECTRetrieves data from a table.
UPDATEUpdates data in a table.
DELETEDeletes data from a table.
INSERT INTOInserts new data into a table.

SQL Data Definition Language (DDL)
SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) permits database tables, indexes, properties and constraints to be created, altered or deleted.

Important SQL DDL Statements:
CREATE TABLECreates a new table.
CREATE INDEXCreates a new index.
ALTER TABLEModifies a table.
DROP TABLEDeletes a table.
DROP INDEXDeletes an index.