VBScript » Err » HelpFile

Version: 1.0

object. HelpFile [ = contextID]
Used to define the path to a help file.

This property is used to get or define the path to a Help file.

Once set, this Help file is available to the user when pressing the 'Help' button in the Message box. If the HelpContext property is set then the Help file that the context Id points to will be displayed and, if no HelpFile is specified, the VBScript Help contents screen is used.


On Error Resume Next
Err.Raise 10
Err.HelpFile = "userhelp.hlp"
Err.HelpContext = usercontextID
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Press F1 for help", , "Error: " Err.Description, Err.Helpfile, Err.HelpContext
End If