Knowledge Base Articles » KB100218: Place Your Own Icon in the IE Address Bar Window Using favicon.ico.

Have you ever noticed that neat little blue "e" symbol that appears on the left side of the address bar window in Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher? That is a favicon.ico image.

You can replace this favicon.ico image with your own custom icon. Of course, it will only be visible on IE 5.0+, and Netscape Navigator 7.0+. It simply requires that you place your icon in the root directory of your Web site and that you add your Web site to your favorites list.

This icon must:
1. have dimensions of 16x16 pixels
2. be saved in the '.ico' format (see below)
3. be named 'favicon.ico'

The .ico format is not directly supported by most of the main commercial graphics editing packages but there are various shareware icon editors that do allow the editing and saving of .ico files.