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The Element argument is the name of the <FORM> element which is used to retrieve a value.
The Index argument is used when the Element argument has more than one value. It is an integer, ranging from 1 to Request.Form(Element).Count, which is used to select values from a <FORM> element. Count is the total number of multiple values.

The Form collection property contains the values of the <FORM> elements posted to a form using the POST method.

The FORM collection property contains, and allows you to retrieve, the values of the <FORM> elements posted to a request form using the POST method.

You can iterate through a collection using a For Each item in ... Next loop.

There is one mandatory argumen and one optional argument.


<form action="File2.asp" method="POST">
Name:<input type="Text" name="Name" maxlength="20"><br>
Company:<input type="Text" name="Company" maxlength="20"><br>
Position:<input type="Text" name="Position" maxlength="20"><br>
Address:<textarea name="Address" rows="3"></textarea><br>
Phone:<input type="Text" name="Phone" maxlength="20"><br>
<input type="Submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">
<% Response.Write Request.Form("Name")%> works for
<% Response.Write Request.Form("Company") %> at address
<% Response.Write Request.Form("Address") %> as a
<% Response.Write Request.Form("Position") %>.<br>
Jane Doe works for ISSI at address 5609 Kington Pike Knoville, TN as a Web Designer.