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The CodePage property specifies the server codepage that will be used to display dynamic content.

The CodePage property specifies which server codepage to use when displaying dynamic Active Server Pages. A codepage is a character set used for symbol mapping. The default value of the CodePage varies by location and language. If you specify a new CodePage property, it will exist only for the duration of the session.


<% @CodePage = 437
//Save orginal codepage information
Session("CodePage") = Session.CodePage
//ID is the CodePage ID from form and
//text is the text entered in the Form
ID = Request.Form("ID")
text = Request.Form("ToTranslate")
//Look up text in specified language. The function FindTranslation
//does the work of finding the translation.
Session.CodePage = ID
translation = FindTranslation(text, ID)
//Change CodePage in order to write in English then change
//it again to write in specified language
If translation <> "" Then
   Session.CodePage = Session("CodePage")
   Response.Write "The translation of " & text & " is "
   Session.CodePage = ID
   Response.Write translation
End If