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The OnStart event occurs before the start of any new Session by a user. The signal of this event will run a handler script in the Global.asa file, if the script exists.

The Session_OnStart event occurs just before the server creates the Session object. The Session_OnStart event is simply a subroutine with a reserved name that is placed in the Global.asa file. You can place any code you desire inside this subroutine. All of the built-in ASP objects are available from within the Session_OnStart event handler.


<script Language="VBScript" RUNAT=Server>
Sub Application_OnEnd()
End Sub
Sub Application_OnStart()
Application("NumSession") = 0
Application("NumVisited") = 0
End Sub
Sub Session_OnEnd()
Application("NumSession") = Application("NumSession") - 1
End Sub
Sub Session_OnStart()
Application("NumSession") = Application("NumSession") + 1
Application("NumVisited") = Application("NumVisited") + 1
End Sub 
Response.Write "You are " & Application("NumSession") & " of " & Application("NumVisited") & " users."
You are 1 of 3 users.

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