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A Frame object is created by using the HTML <FRAME> tag in a Window that contains the <FRAMESET> tag. A frame is an independent window within a parent window (in other words, you can display multiple frames, or windows, on a single screen). It has its own URL and is treated, with a few exceptions, as a Window object by JavaScript (this includes having all the same methods and properties of a Window object). For more information on Frame objects, go to the Window object page.



Syntax: Object.constructor

This specifies a function to create an object's property and is inherited by all objects from their prototype.


Syntax: = value

This allows the addition of properties and methods to any object.



Syntax: Object.eval(string)

The eval method is deprecated as a method of Object, but is still used as a high level function. It evaluates a string of JavaScript in the context of an object.


Syntax: Object.toSource()

The toSource method returns a literal representing the source code of an object. This can then be used to create a new object.


Syntax: Object.toString()

The toString method returns a string representing a specified object.


Syntax: Object.unwatch(property)

This method removes a watchpoint set for an object and property name with the watch method.


Syntax: Object.valueOf()

This method returns a primitive value for a specified object.


Syntax:, handlerfunction)

This method adds a watchpoint to a property of the object.

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