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The WMLBrowser library function is composed of seven functions that can be used to access the WML context (the information and content associated with a card). For example, you can return to a previous card, go to a new card, refresh a current card, get the current card URL, or get and set named variables.

The library and function names are case sensitive.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.getCurrentCard()

Returns the URL of the current card.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.getVar(name)

Returns the value of the named variable.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.go(url)

Orders the browser to load the given URL.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.newContext()

Clears the WML browser context.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.prev()

Orders the browser to go back to the previous card.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.refresh()

Directs the browser to update the currently displayed card.


Syntax: WMLBrowser.setVar(name, value)

Sets the value for the named variable.

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