XSLT » xsl:variable » name="qname"

The mandatory name attribute is the qname of the expression. A qname is a qualified name that is composed of an optional namespace prefix, a colon which is only present if there is a prefix, and a mandatory XML name (for example, xsl:zipcode or zipcode).

Note the following rules concerning when two different parameters can have the same name. (The same rules apply to the name attribute of the xsl:variable element.)

  • A name can be repeated if one of the names is in an imported stylesheet and therefore has a lower import precedence. Under these circumstances, the higher import precedence name will always have precedence.
  • Two different parameters can have the same name if they can never occur within the same scope. Therefore no ambiguity can occur (which would be an error).
  • A local and global parameter can have the same name. However, when the local parameter is in scope, the global parameter cannot be accessed.

If the name attribute is assigned, a select attribute is not assigned, and there is no content, then the named parameter is set to be the empty string.